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Lynn Segerblom - 2022 JVS SoCal Client

Lynn Segerblom: “JVS made a difference in my life”

With JVS SoCal’s help, Lynn Segerblom achieved financial stability after the Great Recession collapsed the economy. She returned for help from a JVS career coach 2022 when she realized it was time to change her work environment…

Branesha Clay & Family

Meet Branesha: “It’s Who You Know, and I know JVS”

It’s often said it’s not what you know, but who you know, and in the case of Branesha Julene Clay, getting to know JVS SoCal has been life-changing. Branesha is a single mom of two teenage daughters, 16-year-old Shamara and 15-year-old Diamond…