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Last year, tens of thousands of people turned to JVS SoCal for help. With your support, we directly assisted over 30,000 clients, with thousands of additional individuals accessing our job training and career services. We are building better lives, one job at a time, by empowering individuals to achieve dignity and economic independence through sustainable employment.

Explore our other programs and services

Veteran Services

We assist all military Veterans with a special focus on women veterans and post-9/11 veterans by providing professional career coaching, assessments to identify transferable skills, training in high growth career sectors, plus job search skills and job placement assistance.

Career Centers

Our skilled and dedicated team is here to help you in your job search. Whether you are currently unemployed, working part-time, looking for training or certification opportunities, transitioning to a new career or re-entering the workforce, we have resources to assist you.

Mentoring for Women

Our innovative six-month career development program offers women with defined career objectives the unique opportunity to be paired with a mentor who has an established career in the participant’s chosen field.

Scholarship Program

In partnership with private donors, the JVS Scholarship Program provides qualified Jewish students whose primary residence is in the Greater Los Angeles area with need-based financial aid, in the belief that education represents the first step to career success.

Ezra Network

The Ezra Network is an initiative of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles in partnership with JVS SoCal, offering career coaching, job search and placement support and is located in various synagogues in Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and the South Bay.

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Stories from an innovative non-profit and the people who make it work.

  • Mikel Flowers – A Place to Live, A Second Chance: “I’m Just So Grateful That I Got Help Because I Had Nowhere Else to Turn”

    Mikel Flowers life took a downward spiral when he found himself living on the streets after he lost his beloved wife and soulmate of 30 years. The 60-year-old Air Force veteran recalls the struggles while he experienced homelessness: he had to shower with a hose while hiding behind a dumpster and was forced to seek…

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  • The Lost Angels Children’s Project

    At 21 years old, Angel Gonzalez is living his dreams. Angel is employed by Northrop-Grumman in Palmdale, California and studying mechanical engineering at Antelope Valley College. The company, which specializes in defense projects, is paying for Angel’s degree. Angel’s career journey to Northrop Grumman began a couple of years ago, when he joined the Lost…

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  • Forging Success: Wells Fargo’s Partnership with JVS SoCal

    Gonzalo Aguilar, Jr., manager of Wells Fargo’s Westlake South Branch in Los Angeles, recently posted about his most recent hires on LinkedIn. “Please join me in welcoming Paul and Rosalinda to our amazing team.” The post includes a photo of him posing with two graduates of JVS SoCal’s BankWork$ program. This is not the first…

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  • JVS Scholarship Helps Father and Son Share Passion for Sports Psychology

    Richard Oelberger had a specific goal in mind when he started his PhD degree in Behavioral Psychology. His son Michael had just been born and he wanted to finish his education as soon as possible to be able to have as much time as he could with his infant son. As a JVS SoCal Scholarship…

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  • Nesha Price: A mother determined to build a better life

    Nesha Price is an administrative professional who has faced many challenges in life including near homelessness, depression, and having to raise her daughter as a single parent. “I was going through a lot,” she says about the time she became pregnant, “I wasn’t financially prepared for a child.” Nesha was 21 years old at the…

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  • Tina Weathers: “I’m living proof that the program works”

    When Tina Weathers decided to end an abusive relationship, she was not only left with a broken heart. She was left without savings, an income, and could not afford the apartment where she had been living with her ex-fiancé. “I had nobody to help me out,” says Tina, “I had to fend for myself.” Tina’s…

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