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Scholarship Student Quotations

Dr. William and Leah Molle Foundation through
Trustee Susan Howard

I am so grateful to the JVS Scholarship Program and to the Dr. William and Leah Molle Foundation through Trustee Susan Howard, for supporting me and funding my education. I would not be able to continue to help my community without this wonderful program.”  Alison continues to conduct research and advocate for the creation of interdisciplinary partnerships between academic medical centers, public health, and community organizations.

Dr. William and Leah Molle Foundation, through
Trustee Susan Howard

My JVS scholarship has allowed me to continue my studies and research with less financial burden hanging over my head,” said Adam. “The loans that are required for medical school are overwhelming, and the Scholarship Program has allowed me to spend less time worrying about tuition, and more time focused on my studies and my research. Thank you so much Ms. Howard and the Dr. William and Leah Molle Foundation!”  Adam has been a scholarship recipient of the Dr. William and Leah Molle Foundation, through Trustee Susan Howard, for three years.

Women’s Leadership Network

I am so grateful for this generous gift from the Women’s Leadership Network. It has enabled me to focus on my studies and continue to work with my research team to help find a vaccine or treatment for COVID-19. This will be a way I can help give back to our community and make a difference.”  Bita is a second-year medical student at California University of Science and Medicine who is pioneering advances in the search for a COVID-19 vaccine.

Simms/Mann Family Foundation Scholarship
Vicki and Ron Simms

I am so tremendously grateful to be a Simms/Mann Family Foundation Scholarship recipient deeply aligned with the program’s mission. As a medical student, I am incredibly fortunate to have spoken to, learned from, and laughed with patients from entirely different upbringings than my own – many of whom were suffering from severe, treatable conditions that simply do not occur in the US. This experience was a beautiful reminder of the indescribable joy I feel in making a positive impact on the world around me, and a reinforcement of the deep satisfaction in Tikkun Olam – repair of the world.”  Daniel has been a recipient of the Simms/Mann Family Foundation Scholarship for three years and will graduate from medical school in 2022. His long-term academic goal is to help build a future where organ transplantation does not necessitate the use of debilitating immunosuppressant drugs.

Friese Foundation and Irvin S. Cooper

The JVS Scholarship Program has enabled me to excel in school and for that I am incredibly grateful. My studies focus on investigating human performance in extreme environments, and on developing technologies and countermeasures to improve human health and performance. I love giving back to the community and I am so proud to be part of the JVS community and thankful for my donors the Friese Foundation and Irvin S. Cooper who have made my achievements possible.”  Skylar is pioneering advances in the highly competitive and challenging field of bioastronautics (the study of life in space), and Mechanical Engineering with a focus on rocket science.

Irvin S. Cooper

The JVS Scholarship Program and my wonderful donor, Irvin S. Cooper inspire me. Mr. Cooper himself was a WWII pilot and has written a book — an awesome and amazing achievement. We share a passion for flight! I am so fortunate to be a JVS Scholarship recipient and have the opportunity to connect with individuals such as Mr. Cooper.”  Boruch is a young undergraduate student whose goal is to become an astronaut.

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