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Roz L. Zukerman: Providing Healing for Families and Promoting Hope for Women

In honor of Women’s History Month, we are highlighting the vital role women play in providing healing and promoting hope, this year’s official Women’s History Month theme. As we thought about the many ways in which a person can embody these qualities, the name of a long-time JVS SoCal supporter and member of the Women’s Leadership Network came up: Rosaline L. Zukerman.

Roz, as she’s best known, is the founder of a women-led family law firm in Los Angeles. Her impressive 95% settlement record during her career and her approach to treating her clients with the utmost care, has earned a reputation as a healer of sorts.

Tribute to Roz L. Zukerman at the 2018 WLN Woman to Woman Conference

“When there is family [involved], I always refer them to a therapist,” says Roz who has a master’s degree in counseling. For her, it’s about finding what can be mended in a relationship.

Like when she was hired by a couple that was raising a toddler but wanted to divorce due to financial disagreements. “He thought she was a spendthrift, and she thought he was a tightwad, and they were both a little bit right,” says Roz. She recommended they meet with a financial advisor who worked on a budget and helped them see each other’s viewpoints, saving the family from separation. That is her way of providing healing and hope for those who seek her professional help.

“People don’t always know the options they have,” says Roz who believes in making information accessible to people, especially women, who have faced disparities in their pursuit of higher education. “That’s why JVS is one of my favorite charities,” she says, adding that she is a big proponent of career counseling and mentorship programs like the ones JVS SoCal offers.

In fact, Roz’s career path could have stalled had it not been for her tenacity and determination. She was in her late 40s when she decided she wanted to study law. To those who tried to dissuade her by telling her that she would be 52 by the time she earned her degree, she responded: “I will be 52 anyway. I might as well be a 52 and a lawyer!”

Today Roz’s firm is staffed by all women, and she continues her commitment to helping other women as a mentor in JVS SoCal’s WoMentoring program. By giving women professional advice, inspiring them, and presenting them with opportunities to pursue their goals, Roz promotes hope in a society that has yet to achieve gender equality.

Photo of Roz L. Zukerman and Eileen Coskey Fracchia at the 2018 WLN Woman to Woman Conference 

Because of Roz’s dedication to supporting and uplifting women, the WLN honored her by renaming their annual Empowerment Award after her. “We recognize women who empower other women in the community,” says Lindsay Thomas, Director of Philanthropy at JVS SoCal. “She is such a beacon of light for us. She has done so much that she really embodies this award.”

The Rosaline L. Zukerman WLN Empowerment Award will be presented once again at the WLN’s 10th Annual Woman to Woman Conference in November. To learn more about JVS SoCal’s Women’s Leadership Network and their upcoming events, please visit