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Promoting Equity, Inclusion and Career Success for Women

2022-23 WLN Council Chair Lauren Kurzweil during The JVS SoCal 11th Annual Woman to Woman Conference

This year, Women’s History Month is dedicated to the women who advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion. We take this opportunity to highlight the impact of the incredible JVS SoCal Women’s Leadership Network. The WLN is a philanthropic membership group dedicated to serving women in career crisis or transition, including women launching their careers.

This group of dedicated leaders, through their tireless efforts, have raised substantial funds to support programs that equip women with the skills, resources, and support networks necessary to overcome challenges and thrive in their careers and entrepreneurial endeavors. Approximately 66% of the 30,000 people served by JVS SoCal are women.

Their vital work not only transforms individual lives but also strengthens communities by promoting gender equality and economic inclusivity. Download a printable copy of our 2023 Highlights.

  • Woman to Woman Conference: in 2023, the Women’s Leadership Network produced a record-breaking conference, raising over $1.2 million to support women participating in all of JVS SoCal’s programs and services. Hosted by Giselle Fernandez, this dynamic event featured 480 supporters from diverse industries and backgrounds.
  • Making an Impact: The WLN Council put their hearts and minds together to award a record-breaking number of Impact Grants distributing over $70,000 to support 33 women with crucial basic needs and career development tools for women in our programs.
  • Nurturing the Rising Generation: Since its founding, the WLN has worked to sustain JVS SoCal’s programs supporting women. The WoMentoring program and the Creating Career Connections program positively impacts the future of women professionals by providing one-on-one career development opportunities.
  • Renewed Commitment: In addition to being the Presenting Sponsor at the 2023 Woman-to-Woman conference, Terri and Jerry Kohl made an additional gift to fund WLN Impact Grants to support a greater number of women with their career goals.
  • Saluting Empowerment: Through stewardship, the WLN earned the support of STARZ, who, along with the Don Levin Trust, joined the ranks of our Empowerment Sponsors, alongside Susan W. Robertson, of blessed memory (Carl W. Robertson, Cara W. Robertson, and Chip & Carrie Robertson).
  • Building Community: Debbie & Rick Powell hosted a successful WLN ambassador event, featuring best-selling author Lisa See who shared about her experience in researching and writing her 2023 novel, Lady Tan’s Circle of Women. The event was attended by nearly 100 people who received a signed copy of Lisa’s book.  

Overall, the Women’s Leadership Network raised more than $1.5 million in 2023, including our events and generous year-round contributions from members, all with the goal of providing opportunity for women in our communities.

The WLN is comprised of women in fields ranging from law, business, entertainment, nonprofit, marketing and event production to public service, finance, art and real estate. Our network includes female professionals and leaders established in their industries and communities, as well as retired executives and philanthropists. What we share is our dedication to making a difference in the lives of women in need.

If you’d like to help JVS SoCal continue to make a positive impact in the lives of women, please consider making a donation.