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Nesha Price: A mother determined to build a better life

CareerWork$ Medical participant, Nesha Price, speaks at the 23rd Annual Strictly Business Awards Dinner

Nesha Price is an administrative professional who has faced many challenges in life including near homelessness, depression, and having to raise her daughter as a single parent.

“I was going through a lot,” she says about the time she became pregnant, “I wasn’t financially prepared for a child.”

Nesha was 21 years old at the time and living on her own. She had to drop out of college where she was studying to become a medical assistant.

A few years later, following a series of jobs that provided neither the stability she needed nor the professional fulfillment she was seeking, Nesha learned about JVS SoCal’s CareerWork$ Medical program—a free eight-week career training program that has helped many people prepare for and secure non-clinical roles in the healthcare industry.

Nesha had experience working in a hospice as a caretaker and was interested in advancing within the medical field in non-clinical roles. She thought the career opportunities the program could lead to were a perfect fit for her.

CareerWork$ Medical enabled Nesha to hone her skills and develop new ones that could help her, and her daughter begin a new and more stable chapter in their lives.

Diana Monge, CareerWork$ Medical program manager and instructor, was impressed with Nesha from the beginning. “The minute I interviewed Nesha, I knew that I wanted her in my class… I could sense her motivation,” she said.

Diana saw leadership skills in Nesha and even began to see her as a shadow instructor.

“She was always the first to participate in class and encourage others to have confidence in themselves and their abilities,” says Diana.

Three weeks into the CareerWork$ Medical program, Nesha attended a career fair with recruiters from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), a longtime supporter of JVS SoCal’s career training programs. Her daughter had once been a patient at CHLA, and Nesha was always impressed by their care and compassion.

Upon learning about a job opportunity at the hospital, Nesha knew she had to apply.

From the onset, Nesha was confident and hoped the job could be hers. That confidence led her to apply for a more senior position. After three rounds of interviews, Nesha was offered a senior administrative assistant position in the human resources department. Then, she received a promotion within a year!

Nesha has since moved on to pursue other roles and says that the training and support she received through the CareerWork$ Medical program empowered her to forge a new path to provide a stable and comfortable life for her daughter.

If you’d like to help women like Nesha make a better life for themselves and their families, please consider donating now.