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JVS Veterans First and Big Voice Video Partner On JVS Video Profiles for Veterans

Part of an innovative partnership between JVS Veterans First and Big Voice Video (BVV), an LA-based production company, JVS Video Profiles for Veterans assists veterans and their spouses who are transitioning from military service into the civilian workforce. Through the program, we provide multimedia tools for veterans to effectively market their qualifications to potential employers and gain meaningful career opportunities.

One of the challenges veterans often face is accurately reflecting everything they have learned and accomplished throughout their military service into the language of the civilian workplace. The video profile clearly communicates transferable talents and skills and offers a sense of the candidate’s character through their personal story. The result is a compelling, well-rounded profile for submission to potential employers, augmenting the veteran’s resume and increasing the opportunity for an in-person interview.

According to proprietary data, veterans who included a JVS Video Profile in their job application gained employment opportunities more quickly and were offered a higher rate of pay than veterans who did not participate in the program.

By supporting the JVS Veterans First-BVV partnership, you will be giving our veterans the tools they need to begin their journey toward a new career path. By assisting our veterans to make a smooth transition from military service into fulfilling and sustainable civilian employment, you are empowering them to put their substantial skills and experience to work right here at home.

To learn more about how you can help, please contact:

Scott Duncan (LtCol USMC – Retired)
Big Voice Video
Director of Business Development
(757) 371-3250

Randy Lapin
Senior Vice President of Philanthropy

(323) 761-8598