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Jaklin Masoudi: Once a Refugee, Iranian Mother Helps Others Find Work and Adapt to Life in the U.S. 

A little over 15 years ago, Jaklin Masoudi made the decision to leave her native Iran with her family, including two teenage sons. She was fleeing from religious persecution in her country, which among other things limited her options for work as well as professional advancement. 

“I met many challenges when I came to the United States 15 years ago. We faced a different culture, we had to start from the ground up, had many, many problems,” remembers Jaklin. “I had to overcome them. Immigration is a very challenging thing for everybody, but these challenges improved my life.” 

She was referred to JVS SoCal by Cal Works as part of the Refugee Employment Acculturation Services. Then she was able to find employment through the Transitional Subsidized Employment program, which helps refugees that have children under 18 years old.  

“This was possible because JVS SoCal helped me in getting work experience through the REAS program when I immigrated here,” explains Jaklin. “I have since earned a bachelor’s degree, helped sustain my family and I’m proud to say I’m giving back.” 

The challenges that Jaklin faced were difficult, but they made her more resilient and focused to improve her life. “I am so happy that I had those challenges. It improved my employment and improved my life”, adds Jaklin. 

At present, she is a case manager in one of the AJCC offices in Los Angeles, where she helps refugees get through the difficulties of moving into a new country and the challenges it presents. Among the help she provides is helping them to enroll in school and learn English as a Second Language and provide the tools so they can look for employment. 

For Jaklin, it is a blessing as she is able to give back. 

“As a case manager, I help people find employment so they can settle in the US and start a new life here,” adds Jacklin. “I love to see my clients improve and become successful.” 

Her two teenage sons have been able to continue their studies and become successful professionals. One of them is a pharmacist and the other one is completing his PhD in psychology. 

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