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Hire A Refugee

Find and meet highly motivated candidates through the Refugee Employment Program at JVS SoCal. Since 1931, JVS SoCal has helped immigrants and refugees from around the world. From German and Shanghai immigrants at the end of WWII to Cuban refugees in the 1970’s and Soviet Jews in the 1980’s, followed by Cambodians, Vietnamese and those impacted by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, we assist refugees and their families from all over the world, including Ukraine, Iran, Armenia and elsewhere.

Our Refugee Employment and Acculturation Services division features the Refugee Employment Program (REP) and is designed to assist refugees to attain self- sufficiency by providing culturally and linguistically sensitive employment and specialized services in an effort to assist them through the initial adjustment period following arrival into the United States. Refugee participants must be registered through L.A. County in the REP program.

Why hire refugees?
  • Highly-motivated, resilient workers
  • Multi-lingual and multi-cultural familiarity
  • Verified work authorization in the U.S.
  • Earn Federal tax credits

Contact us today to learn the benefits of hiring Refugee job seekers, and learn more about how to access a pool of qualified candidates.

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