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Employee Spotlight: Julian Hampton

What motivates you to wake up and go to work?

What motivates me every day is the ability to make a difference in people’s lives. I love to teach and mentor, so being able to use my personal and professional experience to help my students achieve success is incredibly fulfilling. I have seen students lacking confidence and support become leaders in their organizations and their communities. I have a passion for developing individuals, so I’m motivated to see growth in my students.

Tell us a about your job at JVS SoCal?

I’m responsible for managing the BankWork$ and ApartmentWorks programs. My job continuously evolves, but my focus is on evaluating, educating, placing, and supporting students during the program and throughout their new careers. I also work to build connections with employers and community partners to provide the framework necessary to support the program financially and instructionally.

How has your work changed since the COVID-19 pandemic started?

The pandemic has led to my work being done remotely. The use of technology has helped my team communicate though virtual meetings and presentations. There has been more time to fine-tune the program, explore new processes and communicate to students and employer partners online. I believe the quality of our programs will increase based on the work that has been done during this period. The pandemic has exposed society’s challenges, but also our ability to adjust, which will serve our organization well into the future.

Tell us something unique about yourself?

I am a writer. One of my forms of writing is music, and I have written over 200 songs in various musical genres.

Our monthly Employee Spotlight acknowledges the remarkable work that our staff does every day and shares the stories of amazing individuals who are part of the JVS SoCal team and mission.