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Cutting Edge Technology Course Ready for Veterans in LA County

Fast Lane US, JVS SoCal’s learning partner providing training based on a Microsoft curriculum for the Los Angeles Veterans Technology Training Academy (LAVTTA) has published the full schedule of the course in their portal, giving insight to the robust plan they have for the first-ever certificate training program provided at no cost to Veterans in Los Angeles County.

As companies are turning to cloud systems for more efficient storage and operations, network security is becoming a paramount concern. That is why the free training for Veterans provided by LAVTTA is a great value, not only to recipients but to the communities, businesses, and governments where these emerging IT professionals can eventually serve.

The training, which is scheduled to officially start on September 13, offers Microsoft technical essential level knowledge with Microsoft and Azure technologies.

Enrolled veterans will learn:  

  • Networking essentials 
  • Endpoint essentials 
  • Automation essentials 
  • Programming C# essentials 
  • Deploying Modern Windows Server essentials 
  • Networking Windows Server essentials 
  • Windows Server Security essentials 
  • Windows Server Administration essentials 
  • Microsoft Azure essentials 
  • Microsoft Azure Administrator essentials 

The training also includes on-the-job practices that challenge and reinforce the Microsoft technical essentials by simulating cross-industry standard practices in case study workshops. Learn More.   

There is still time to sign up. Join the final Informational session this Thursday, Aug. 26. Register here. Contact us at for additional information.