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JVS SoCal was founded in 1931 to address and positively impact urgent societal needs that persist to this day. To achieve our vision of providing hope and economic opportunity for all we must monitor pending legislation and actively and persistently engage in the shaping of public policy.

What Is Advocacy?

Public policy advocacy is any action taken to influence government policy.

What Is Public Policy?

Public policy can be generally defined as a system of laws, regulatory measures, courses of action and funding priorities concerning a given topic promulgated by a government entity or its representatives.


One of the primary goals of our 5-year strategic plan is to expand our public and private partnerships, to increase our opportunities to share best practices and to impact public policy, which will result in increased effectiveness and capacity in delivering services. Advocacy is core to this initiative as we work to better inform the decisions of legislators and the implementation of regulations and policies.

How Public Policy Impacts Our Clients and Our Work

Public policy can determine access, funding and eligibility for programs and services for people in need. Additionally, public policy impacts how the services are delivered and by whom.

Where Public Policy Originates

Public policy originates with a governmental body, such as a federal agency, the U.S. Congress, the state legislature, workforce development boards, city councils, county supervisors, state commissions and the governor’s office.

We regularly update our legislators and their staff about our impact in the community but to be truly effective, it is essential that we work in collaboration not only with our elected officials but with our partners in other organizations and as a member of coalitions.

Creating Systemic Change

The most important product of public policy advocacy is the creation of sustainable changes to social systems, since many of the barriers to employment are a result of public policies.

Our Issues

Working Together To Achieve Change